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We will not be intimidated!
Play by Play Broadcast Archives offers Play by Play audio archives for Lincoln sports events. Choose the event archive below and click on the event to re-live all the excitement!
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Event Archives
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Sport Key : B = Baseball : BB = Basketball : FB = Football
GF = Golf : I = Interview : SB = Softball : SC= Soccer
TE = Tennis : TR = Track : VB = Volleyball : WR = Wrestling
Date Sport Event B/G Choose
2017-02-18BBFremont @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2017-02-04BBCreighton Prep @ Lincoln Northeast (KLMS)Blisten
2017-01-28BBPapillion-LaVista @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2017-01-06BBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2016-12-01BBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2016-09-02FBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2016-05-14BClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs Millard WestBlisten
2016-04-25BLincoln East @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2016-04-12BOmaha Skutt @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2016-03-17BWaverly @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2016-03-10BBClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Papillion-LaVistaBlisten
2016-02-29BBA-6 Championship: Lincoln Northeast vs. Mill. WestBlisten
2016-02-27BBA-6 Semis: Millard North @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2016-02-19BBNorfolk @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2016-02-12BBLincoln High @ Lincoln Northeast Glisten
2016-01-29BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2016-01-16BBOmaha Central @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2016-01-16BBOmaha Central @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2015-12-11BBLincoln Northeast @ Columbus (KFOR)Blisten
2015-10-30FBClass A Playoffs: Lincoln Northeast @ Millard WestBlisten
2015-10-15FBGrand Island @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2015-10-01FBMillard South @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2015-09-18FBOmaha Westside @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2015-06-30BAyars & Ayars vs. VermeerBlisten
2015-06-30BJudds Brothers vs. JC BragerBlisten
2015-06-24BAyars & Ayars vs. Surface SealersBlisten
2015-06-24BJudds Brothers vs. SampsonBlisten
2015-05-09BA-4 Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Papillion-LV So.Blisten
2015-04-20BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln High (Sherman)Blisten
2015-03-30BLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast (Sherman)Blisten
2015-03-13BBClass A Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha SouthBlisten
2015-03-12BBClass A Quarter: Lincoln Northeast vs. NorfolkBlisten
2015-03-06BBA Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha WestsideGlisten
2015-03-05BBClass A Quarter: Lincoln Northeast vs. KearneyGlisten
2015-02-06BBNorth Platte at Lincoln Northeast (KLMS)Blisten
2015-01-30BBLincoln Northeast at Lincoln Pius X (KFOR)Blisten
2015-01-29BBLincoln Pius X at Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Glisten
2015-01-17BBLincoln High @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2015-01-16BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2014-12-31BBHAC Title Game: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2014-12-30BBHAC Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2014-12-29BBHAC Tourn: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2014-12-20BBLincoln Northeast at Lincoln Southeast Glisten
2014-12-20BBLincoln Northeast at Lincoln Southeast (KFOR)Blisten
2014-12-12BBColumbus at Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-12-12BBColumbus @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2014-12-04BBOmaha Westside at Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2014-10-24FBOmaha Burke @ Lincoln Northeast (KLMS)Blisten
2014-09-25FBFremont @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2014-08-29FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2014-06-24BUnion Bank @ Judds Bros (Sherman)Blisten
2014-06-24BSandhills @ Ayars & Ayars (Sherman)Blisten
2014-06-22BPapillion-LV @ Ayars & Ayars (Sherman)Blisten
2014-05-28BAyars & Ayars @ Sandhills (Sherman)Blisten
2014-05-28BJudds Bros @ Union Bank (Sherman)Blisten
2014-05-13BA-3 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Creighton PrepBlisten
2014-04-23BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2014-04-21BLincoln High @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-04-15BOmaha Skutt @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-03-20BWaverly @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2014-03-13BBClass A State: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha BensonBlisten
2014-03-07BBClass A Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha BensonGlisten
2014-03-06BBClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. South Sioux CityGlisten
2014-03-03BBA-6 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard WestBlisten
2014-02-27BBA-4 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Papillion-LaVistaGlisten
2014-02-21BBNorfolk @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2014-02-21BBNorfolk @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-02-15BBBellevue East @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2014-02-15BBBellevue East @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-02-01BBOmaha Benson @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-02-01BBOmaha Benson @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2014-01-31BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2014-01-30BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Pius XGlisten
2014-01-18BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2014-01-10BBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2013-12-21BBLincoln Southeast at Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2013-10-25FBNorfolk @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner)Blisten
2013-10-04FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2013-09-26FBLincoln East @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2013-09-13FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln HighBlisten
2013-08-29FBGrand Island @ Lincoln Northeast (KLMS)Blisten
2013-04-29BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2013-04-02BLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2013-02-28BBClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard WestGlisten
2013-02-20BBA-6 Final: Lincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SouthwestGlisten
2013-02-19BBA-6 Semis: Fremont vs. Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2013-02-01BBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2013-02-01BBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln Northeast Glisten
2013-01-19BBElkhorn @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2013-01-17BBLincoln High @ Lincoln Northeast (KFOR)Blisten
2013-01-12BBLincoln Northeast vs. Gretna (Prep Classic)Blisten
2013-01-05BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln East (KFOR)Blisten
2013-01-05BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2012-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SWBlisten
2012-09-28FBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-09-21FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-07-22BA5 Title: Pinnacle Bank vs. Judds Bros.Blisten
2012-07-18BA5 Juniors-Carpet Land vs. Ayars & AyarsBlisten
2012-07-17BA5 Juniors: Stonebrook vs. Ayars & AyarsBlisten
2012-06-05BAyars & Ayars @ Vermeer (Sherman)Blisten
2012-05-17BClass A Title: Lincoln NE vs. Creighton Prep-1Blisten
2012-05-17BClass A Title: Lincoln NE vs. Creighton Prep-2Blisten
2012-05-16BClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln EastBlisten
2012-05-14BClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard SouthBlisten
2012-05-12BClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard WestBlisten
2012-04-23BLincoln East @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2012-04-18BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Sherman)Blisten
2012-03-27BElkhorn @ Lincoln Northeast (Sherman)Blisten
2012-03-01BBClass A: Lincoln Northeast vs. Papillion-LV SouthGlisten
2012-02-21BBA-3 Dist Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighGlisten
2012-02-10BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-02-10BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2012-01-27BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-01-13BBGrand Island @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-01-13BBGrand Island @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2012-01-06BBKearney @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2012-01-06BBKearney @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2011-12-31BBHAC Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2011-12-09BBColumbus @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2011-12-09BBColumbus @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2011-09-30FBGrand Island @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner)Blisten
2011-09-23FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2011-09-09FBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2011-08-26FBFremont @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner Field)Blisten
2011-05-02BLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2011-04-20BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2011-03-17BWaverly @ Lincoln Northeast (Sherman Field)Blisten
2011-02-03BBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln Northeast (HOF Night)Blisten
2011-01-28BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2011-01-22BBElkhorn @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2011-01-15BBOmaha Westside @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2011-01-15BBOmaha Westside @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2010-12-28BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2010-12-03BBMillard North @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-11-05FBClass A Playoffs: Millard North @ Lincoln NEBlisten
2010-10-15FBColumbus @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner)Blisten
2010-10-08FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln East (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-09-10FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln North Star (Seacrest)Blisten
2010-08-26FBLincoln Northeast @ FremontBlisten
2010-05-17BClass A State: Lincoln Northeast vs. Papillion-LVBlisten
2010-05-15BClass A State: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard SouthBlisten
2010-05-11BA-1 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue WestBlisten
2010-05-08BDistrict A-1: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2010-05-04BOmaha Northwest @ Lincoln Northeast (Sherman)Blisten
2010-05-03BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southwest (Sherman)Blisten
2010-04-26BLincoln East @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2010-04-21BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2010-04-01BOmaha Skutt @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2010-02-12BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-02-12BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2010-01-29BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-01-28BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Pius XGlisten
2010-01-15BBGrand Island @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-01-09BBLincoln East @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2010-01-09BBLincoln East @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2009-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Fremont vs. Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-12-17BBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast Blisten
2009-12-05BBGrand Island @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-10-30FBClass A Playoffs: Lin. Northeast @ Lin. SoutheastBlisten
2009-10-23FBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2009-10-09FBGrand Island @ Lincoln Northeast (Beechner)Blisten
2009-10-01FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln High (KFOR)listen
2009-09-18FBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast (Seacrest)Blisten
2009-08-27FBOmaha Creighton Prep @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-07-14BA-5 Juniors: Play It Again Sports vs. Apollo SteelBlisten
2009-07-04BJudds Bros. vs. G.I. Home Fed. (Peterson Tourney)Blisten
2009-06-30BPinnacle Bank @ Judds Brothers (Hartog)Blisten
2009-06-30BBaylor Test Prep @ Apollo Steel (Hartog)Blisten
2009-06-23BJC Brager @ Judds Brothers (Sherman)Blisten
2009-06-04BJudds Brothers vs. U-Stop (Sherman)Blisten
2009-05-28BBaylor Test Prep @ Apollo Steel (Sherman)Blisten
2009-05-27BPinnacle Bank @ Judds Brothers (Sherman)Blisten
2009-04-22BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Southeast (Sherman)Blisten
2009-04-09BLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast (Hartog)Blisten
2009-02-26BBA-3 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha MarianGlisten
2009-02-21BBOmaha Northwest @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2009-02-21BBOmaha Northwest @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-02-04BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln EastGlisten
2009-01-30BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2009-01-29BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2009-01-24BBElkhorn @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2009-01-17BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2008-12-30BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln Northeast vs. FremontBlisten
2008-12-29BBHAC Tourney: Lincoln NE vs. Lincoln SEBlisten
2008-12-20BBNorfolk @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-12-04BBOmaha North @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2008-12-04BBOmaha North @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-09-19FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2008-09-12FBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-09-05FBOmaha Benson @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-07-23BArea 5 Tourney: Judds Bros. vs. JC BragerBlisten
2008-07-18BArea 5 Juniors Tourney: Apollo Steel vs. JC BragerBlisten
2008-07-09BGr. Island Wells Fargo vs. Apollo Steel @ ShermanBlisten
2008-07-04BPeterson Tourney: North Platte vs. Judds Bros.Blisten
2008-06-25BApollo Steel vs. Carpetland @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-20BU-Stop vs. Judds Brothers @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-17BJC Brager vs. Apollo Steel @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-17BJC Brager vs. Judds Brothers @ ShermanBlisten
2008-06-14BMillard Sox vs. Judds Bros. @ HartogBlisten
2008-06-14BMillard Sox vs. Judds Bros. @ HartogBlisten
2008-06-13BU-Stop vs. Judds Bros. @ ShermanBlisten
2008-05-27BSandhills Pub. vs. Apollo Steel @ HartogBlisten
2008-05-03BA-4 Dist. Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-04-28BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2008-04-16BLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-04-14BHAC Tourney: Lin. Northeast vs. Lin. SoutheastBlisten
2008-03-25BElkhorn @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-02-23BBA-6 District: Lincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue EastBlisten
2008-02-15BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-02-12BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2008-02-08BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2008-01-19BBLincoln Northeast @ Elkhorn (Elkhorn Broadcast)Blisten
2008-01-11BBGrand Island @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2007-12-08BBMillard South @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2007-12-08BBMillard South @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2007-11-29BBOmaha North @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2007-09-14FBOmaha Burke @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2007-08-31FBKearney @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2007-07-30BJudds Bros. vs. JC Brager (Area Championship)Blisten
2007-07-28BJudds Bros. vs. U-Stop/JC Brager (Area Tourney)Blisten
2007-07-21BCarpetland vs. Apollo Steel (Area Tourney)Blisten
2007-07-20BApollo Steel vs. Baylor Test Prep (Area Tourney)Blisten
2007-07-19BTO Haas Tire vs. Apollo Steel (Area Tourney)listen
2007-07-06BJudds Bros. vs. Elkhorn (Peterson Tourney)listen
2007-07-05BJudds Bros. vs. Pinnacle Bank (Peterson Tourney)listen
2007-05-30BJC Brager vs. Judds BrothersBlisten
2007-05-29BJudds Bros. vs. Union BankBlisten
2007-05-16BState: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha WestsideBlisten
2007-05-16BState Baseball: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard WestBlisten
2007-05-15BState Baseball: Lincoln Northeast vs. Grand IslandBlisten
2007-05-14BState: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha CentralBlisten
2007-05-12BState: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha WestsideBlisten
2007-05-09BDistrict Title: Lin.Northeast vs. Lin. SouthwestBlisten
2007-05-08BDistricts: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2007-04-30BLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2007-04-18BLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2007-03-02BBClass A State: Lincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue WestGlisten
2007-03-01BBClass A State: Lincoln Northeast vs. Grand IslandGlisten
2007-02-26BBA-1 Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2007-02-22BBDistrict A-5 Title: Northeast vs. SoutheastGlisten
2007-02-20BBDistrict A-5 Semis: Northeast vs. Omaha NorthGlisten
2007-02-16BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2007-02-09BBFremont @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2007-02-02BBLincoln Southwest @ Lincoln NortheastGlisten
2007-01-26BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2007-01-20BBElkhorn @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2007-01-20BBLincoln Northeast @ ElkhornGlisten
2006-12-21BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln North StarBlisten
2006-12-16BBNorfolk @ Lincoln Northeast (Tape Delay)Blisten
2006-12-01BBOmaha North @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2006-11-03FBPlayoffs: Lincoln Northeast vs. KearneyBlisten
2006-11-02VBDistricts: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SoutheastGlisten
2006-10-27FBPlayoffs: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha CentralBlisten
2006-10-06FBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SouthwestBlisten
2006-09-08FBFremont @ Lincoln Northeast Blisten
2006-08-21TSHigh School Football Preview Showlisten
2006-07-20BJudds Bros. vs. Union Bank (Area 5 Tourney)Blisten
2006-07-18BJudds Bros. vs. JC Brager (Area 5 Winners Bracket)Blisten
2006-07-01BJudds Bros. vs. Ralston State Bank (Peterson Trny)Blisten
2006-06-24BHastings vs. Apollo SteelBlisten
2006-06-20BJudds Bros. vs. JC Brager Blisten
2006-06-06BBaylor Test Prep vs. Apollo SteelBlisten
2006-06-06BPinnacle Bank vs. Judds Bros.Blisten
2006-04-18BNorfolk @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2006-03-09BBBoys State: Lincoln Northeast vs. KearneyBlisten
2006-03-04BBLincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue East: Class A TitleGlisten
2006-03-03BBGirls State: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard WestGlisten
2006-03-02BBGirls State: Lincoln Northeast vs. ColumbusGlisten
2006-02-17BBLincoln Southeast @ Lincoln Northeast Blisten
2006-02-09BBFremont @ Lincoln Northeast Glisten
2006-02-03BBLincoln Northeast @ Lincoln SouthwestGlisten
2006-01-27BBLincoln Pius X @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2006-01-21BBLincoln Northeast @ ElkhornBlisten
2006-01-07IPrep Sports X-tra with Jeff Motzlisten
2005-12-21BBLincoln North Star @ Lincoln Northeast (DVD)Blisten
2005-12-17IPrep Sports X-tra with Jeff Motzlisten
2005-12-10BBMillard South @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2005-12-10IPrep Sports X-tra with Jeff Motz listen
2005-11-29BBCreighton Prep @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2005-10-14FBNorth Platte @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2005-10-07FBLincoln East @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2005-09-16FBOmaha Benson @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2005-09-02FBLincoln High @ Lincoln NortheastBlisten
2005-07-06BJudds Bros. vs. Pinnacle BankBlisten
2005-05-21IPrep Sports X-tra: Season Finalelisten
2005-05-07IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-04-30IPrep Sports X-traBlisten
2005-04-27BALincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2005-04-23IPrep Sports X-traBlisten
2005-04-20BALincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln Southeast (DH)Blisten
2005-04-16IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-04-09IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-04-02IPrep Sports X-traBlisten
2005-03-26IPrep Sports X-traBlisten
2005-03-11BBClass A Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue WestBlisten
2005-03-10BBState: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha BryanBlisten
2005-03-05BBState Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue EastGlisten
2005-03-05IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-03-04BBSemis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue WestGlisten
2005-03-03BBState: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha BurkeGlisten
2005-03-01BBA-2 Title: Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln N. StarBlisten
2005-02-28BBA-2 Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Millard NorthBlisten
2005-02-26Prep Sports X-tralisten
2005-02-25BBA-1 Champ. Lincoln Northeast vs. Bellevue EastGlisten
2005-02-24BBA-1 Semis: Lincoln Northeast vs. Omaha SouthGlisten
2005-02-19IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-02-18BBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2005-02-12IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-02-11BBLincoln Northeast vs. FremontBlisten
2005-02-05IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-02-03BBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln EastGlisten
2005-01-29BBLincoln Northeast vs. North PlatteGlisten
2005-01-29BBLincoln Northeast vs. North PlatteBlisten
2005-01-29IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-01-28BBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln Pius XBlisten
2005-01-22IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-01-20BBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
2005-01-15IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-01-08IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2005-01-07BBLincoln Northeast vs. KearneyBlisten
2005-01-01IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-12-31BBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln Southeast Blisten
2004-12-30BBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln East (Xmas Trny)Blisten
2004-12-29BBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln Southwest Blisten
2004-12-18IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-12-11IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-12-04IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-12-03BBLincoln Northeast vs. Council Bluffs Abe Lincoln Blisten
2004-11-20IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-11-06IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-11-03FBPlayoffs: Lincoln Northeast vs. North PlatteBlisten
2004-10-23IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-10-16IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-10-13SBState Tourney: Lincoln Northeast vs. North PlatteGlisten
2004-10-08FBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln EastBlisten
2004-10-02IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-10-02IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-10-01FBLincoln Northeast vs. NorfolkBlisten
2004-09-25IPrep Sports X-tra: Special Editionlisten
2004-09-18IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-09-11IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-09-10FBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln SoutheastBlisten
2004-09-04IPrep Sports X-tralisten
2004-09-03FBLincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln HighBlisten
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